If the TV does not operate as usual or appears faulty please read this section carefully.
Many operational issues can be resolved through same.

If the TV does not operate as usual or appears faulty please It is advisable to unplug the power cord from the AC socket on the wall and wait for about 60 seconds, then reconnect and start again. This simple procedure will help restoring stable conditions for electric circuits and firmware of the unit. Kindly, contact Abaj’s customer care on toll free number (1800-103-0058) if the problem persists or you have other concerns.

A power switch on the TV should be turned on the panel. Press the (Power) button in the remote control to activate the unit from Standby mode.
Check to see if led light on the TV is red or green. If illuminated, power to TV is ok.
Check if the power cord is unplugged into powered AC outlet.
Check volume settings
Check if mute mode is set “on” turn it “off” if it is turned on.
If black and white picture, first unplug TV from AC outlet and re-plug after 60 seconds.
Check in picture settings for brightness and color. Set it 50 or higher
Try switching different channels.
Check if your set top box cables are connected properly. Try removing and connecting again.
An electrical appliance may be affecting TV set. Turn of any appliances, if interference goes away, move appliance away from the TV.
Insert the power plug of the TV set into another AC power socket.
If using dish, check the direction, position and connection of its antenna.
Check if the cables of set top box are connected correctly.
If it is raining outside, wait for rain to stop or subside and try again by switching off the set top box and turning it on.
Check for correct output connection on the external source and or for the correct input connection on the TV.
Make sure you have made the correct selection for the input mode for the incoming signal.
Yes, this is normal. The TV is searching for previous setting information and initializing it.
Confirm TV is in power on mode and is operational.
Try changing the batteries of remote control.
Check if the batteries are correctly installed.
Remove any obstacle between TV and remote range.
Configure the local wireless router or access point for WPA-PSK security before attempting to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network.
Follow instruction in the user manual of the television to the setup a wireless connection
Check if the 3D Blu- Ray video is used
A 3D disk in the player is used and the player is set to 3D mode
Check the HDMI cable is connected from 3D video source to the TV
The TV is set to 3D mode
Check that the 3D glasses have power and turn it on. If not replace the batteries and turn it on.