Friendly and homely environment at our manufacturing units

provide the ideal environment to our employees to be able to invent best of ideas hence we bring out innovative world class products.


For our global clients, Abaj with the state-of-art technology, offers secured and agile infrastructure of high quality services like product engineering and delivery of goods. Our development facility is located at Ashram road, Ahmadabad (the largest city) of Gujarat, India.

Our modern office measuring about XXX square feet has an ample of space to cater to the product design and development needs of our customers. Our high-tech delivery center is also ahead of the curve and can easily scale to address our clients’ requirements. Besides being characterized by cutting-edge technology infrastructure, our facilities offer stimulating and pleasing work environments. All our engineers are provided with comfortable individual workspace. We have several meeting/training rooms, labs, a library, server rooms and a lab too for experimentation. Other common amenities provided within our campus include a cafeteria, a medical room and a parking place for adequate space. All our employees have access to a nearby, offsite fitness center. The offices are fully backed up with generator power and enough UPS capability to support all computing, networking and key information systems. Our offices are equipped with security systems like smoke detectors / fire alarm systems etc. A separate disaster recovery center efficiently provides the ability to resume operations.

Physical day and night security, wide CCTV screens, and card-key access control are the features provided for palladium. Access to customer-specific areas is restricted only to authorized personnel through card-key access control.